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 The Purchase Process

The first step to adopt one of our puppies is to wait for the waitlist to open. Each planned litter has their own waitlist. The waitlist will only open, when pregnancy is confirmed by ultrasound.

Once the waitlist opens you will have to submit the application form and wait for my response. If I do not respond within 24 hours please email or text me. I will not respond to applications that are sent while the waitlist is closed.

Congratulations you have been approved, you will now send a refundable $500 deposit. The deposit goes towards the full puppy cost.

Once I recieve the deposit you will be placed on the waitlist. The order of the deposits sent is the order of the waitlist. For example if you are the second person to send a deposit you will be second in the waitlist. The first pick is always reserved for the breeder. 

Once puppies are born you will be recieving weekly updates and pictures of the litter.  .

Starting from 2024 puppy selection is at 6 weeks. Each family has 40 minutes to choose their puppy. You are free to select any available puppy. I will point out the puppies that match your lifestyle more. All families will get a Go Home bag.

If you fly to the Sacramento airport (SMF) we can meet up there with the puppy, free of charge. I can drive with the puppy no longer than 4 hours, each hour is $100. The buyer is responsible for all other shipping.


What are your prices?

Our prices range from $2500-$3500

What sizes do you breed?

We breed standard 50 pounds and up, medium 30-50 pounds, and mini from 15-30.

What colors do you breed?

We breed red and apricot goldendoodles. 

What generations do you breed?

F1bb, and Multigenerational.

Do you dock tails and remove dewclaws?

As of 2021 we will not do either.

Do you have any Guardian homes?

No, we don't have a Guardian home program yet. We are working on it.

Do you allow visitors?

Only families who are on the waitlist can visit the litter at 6 or 7 weeks.

Is spaying and neutering required?

Absolutely!! All of our puppies are sold with a strict spay/neuter contract.

What is included in the go home packet?

The puppy's health and shot record, toy, blanket with mom's and littermates smell,  sample of current puppy food, puppy pads, and a poop bag.

Do you deworm and microchip your puppies?

Yes, they are dewormed on weeks 2, 4, 6, and 8. Puppies are microchipped on week 7.

Where are you located?

We are located in Rio Linda CA 95673, 20 minuets from Sacramento and 15 minuets from the Sacramento airport. I am having trouble changing our location on Google.


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